Radlands Reunion


On Sat 18th Nov, St Albans Pioneer Centre hosted the Radlands 25 year Anniversary jam. It was an amazing evening with loads of old faces in attandance. Thanks to the Ince family for everything they've done for UK skateboarding for the past 25 years. Its an amazing thing that they have done here and we need to support the heart of British skateboarding. I know they are thinking of doing more events like this and it would be great to see more people at the next one.



forgotten super 8 rolls

Its always good finding things you've forgotten about. Its especially good when its over 10 years old. I found some old super 8 film I shot in Australia with Dirty Sanchez and The Dudesons. Alongside this footage was some test footage of flying a super 8 camera on a drone. This was a really fun project and something I will probably revisit soon. I shot some super 8 on the Stockwell jam. Ive sent this to be processed, so look forward to seeing that soon.

I just found the dude sons footage that we were filming on YouTube.

Stockwell jam


Evil Kinevil

Look out Stockwell

On Sat 28th Oct, Blast Skates held their annual skate jam. It was a fancy dressed skate event with loads of music inspired fancy dress. I saw Micheal Jackson skating alongside Evil Kineval at one point. Check out my VX edit. Shot by me and Josh Higgins.