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Baby Driver x LadBible

Last year Joyce Division were asked to produce and direct a 360 video for the release of Baby Driver movie to be featured on LadBible site.

We had less than a week to find someone who had a drift spec Subaru Impreza, that was good enough driver and  a suitable location to shoot. We found the driver, location and the car, there was one slight problem, the car was fluorescent yellow.

We managed to get the car wrapped in time for the shoot.


Charlie cook from Contagious media helped out on the day. He was amazing at rigging the car. We thought the car was going to have a roll cage, but unfortunately it didn't have one, which meant we had problems rigging the 360 camera.


We planned to have the Subaru smash into some cardboard boxes at 90 degrees to force the viewer to look around in the car.

We also wanted to start the edit with a 360 shot from a drone. We didn't have a rig big enough to lift the main 360 rig so we used a DJi Phantom and an insta360 nano attached to a coat hanger.


We won The Drum Creative award for Social Strategy.